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2005-02-07 22h49
2005-06-29 23h08
2005-07-18 00h54
2006-07-21 Back from Scotland
2006-08-01 MVC Panacea
2006-08-05 Safari Oreilly
2006-08-06 Dissatisfied with Blog Software
2006-08-07 Violence Is Generating Violence
2006-08-09 Blocking Tor what to do
2006-08-13 Nandrin Festival
2006-08-16 Free Software Is For Student
2006-08-20 The Net Looks More Social
2006-08-22 When Technology Reaches Usability
2006-09-03 Extending GooDiff
2006-09-06 Google Books Killing Public Domain
2006-09-24 CopiePresse Is Smoking Crack
2006-09-24 Javascript Slideshow
2006-10-01 GPL Version 2 Only
2006-10-04 Caching News Site
2006-10-08 Evoting is Not Voting
2006-10-15 Netflow In Dynamic Environment
2006-10-29 Free Sofware Is Just Software
2006-11-05 Web Indexing and Bot Behavior
2006-11-12 Djabberd The Versatile Jabber Server
2006-11-26 Transforming Internet In An Useless Medium
2006-12-03 Electronic Music Dave Clarke Remixes
2006-12-17 An Incomplete And Crappy MapReduce Using Screen
2006-12-18 Free Software And Electronic Music
2006-12-25 Still Using DES Data Encryption Standard
2006-12-28 Eating PSU
2007-01-07 Honeypot As A Learning Tool
2007-01-14 Managing Your Feeds
2007-01-21 Innovation Metric
2007-01-21 Net Neutrality
2007-01-27 Security Theater
2007-02-04 Patents Are Only For Old Machines
2007-02-11 RSS Everything
2007-02-17 Being Tagged
2007-02-17 Simplicity and Complexity
2007-02-25 There Is No Ethical Patent
2007-03-04 A Course For CopiePresse
2007-03-10 Censorship Is Everywhere
2007-03-11 OLPC And eBook Readers
2007-03-25 One Hour Less
2007-04-01 Guy Debord and NDA
2007-04-07 GeoRSS Simplicity
2007-04-10 HackLu 2007 Call for Paper and Security Conference
2007-04-11 Tasty Local Food
2007-04-15 Where Google Finance Is Getting The Data
2007-04-22 Founders Copyright
2007-04-28 Electronic Music Discoveries
2007-05-06 International Patent System Yearly Review
2007-05-17 Reducing Legal Complexity
2007-05-19 Belgian Election
2007-05-22 History of Electronic Music
2007-05-27 Java vs Python
2007-06-03 What's Make A Good Web 2.0 Application
2007-06-09 Ranked Bibliography
2007-06-24 Art Is Always Better
2007-07-07 Machine Tags License Namespace
2007-07-11 Wall and Piece
2007-07-18 Traffic Control and Social Web Services
2007-07-20 Free Standards in Europe
2007-07-21 Join the FSF
2007-08-02 Books Preservation
2007-08-15 Affero General Public License Version 3 Draft
2007-08-18 Second Hand Market and Public Domain
2007-08-26 Java Is Bloated
2007-08-26 Joshua In Gaume
2007-09-02 Reorganising The Illusion of Progress
2007-09-10 Access To Information And Freedom
2007-09-22 Audio Player And Free Software
2007-09-23 Open Access Is Vital
2007-09-27 Mediocre Software
2007-10-25 Who Started NetApp or Sun
2007-10-31 Itojun
2007-11-04 Small Is Beautiful and Sometime Secure
2007-11-10 Dreaming Of Mediawiki Using GIT
2007-11-14 Hallam Foe
2007-11-19 What About Belgium
2007-11-25 Telepopmusik Effect
2007-12-01 La Naissance Des Pieuvres
2007-12-09 Innovation at Work
2007-12-10 DNS Suffix Lists Considered Harmful
2007-12-15 Publish Or Perish
2007-12-22 IPv6 Village Experiment
2007-12-27 RSS Everything XMAS
2007-12-30 My Favorite RFCs
2008-01-01 Happy New Year
2008-01-03 Google Books And Public Domain
2008-01-06 RDF and Free Tagging
2008-01-12 Search Engine Startup in Europe
2008-01-20 Patent Auction and Semantic Web
2008-02-03 Flickr and
2008-02-10 Creativity Metrics Are Needed
2008-02-17 Protecting Biodiversity Is Illegal
2008-03-13 Usenix Good News
2008-04-02 Royalty Free versus Reasonable and Non Discriminatory Licensing
2008-05-02 Linkfingerprint MachineTag
2008-05-03 IPv6 Multicast Forwarding Finally In Linux Kernel
2008-05-11 GPL is not always the GNU General Public License
2008-05-12 Wiki Creativity Metric An Experiment
2008-05-24 My Git To-Do Process
2008-06-15 Internet Liberties Still In Danger
2008-06-23 Hardware Random Number Generator Useful
2008-07-21 Killing Usenet Is A Bad Idea
2008-08-16 Operating Systems Always Need Git and GNU Screen
2008-08-19 IPv6 Usage Is Growing
2008-09-09 Hack Lu 2008
2008-09-13 The Corporate World Should Learn From Internet
2008-10-19 Why Should Use Identica and not Twitter
2008-10-19 Why You Should Use Identica and not Twitter
2008-11-02 We Enter The Age Of Cyberpunk
2008-11-08 Copyleft Licenses and Activating The Perpetual Loop
2008-11-16 It s Time To Join APRIL
2008-12-13 Creativity In Free Software
2008-12-21 Scientific Publications and Proving Empirical Results
2008-12-24 Oddmuse Wiki Using Git
2009-01-02 Google Books And Europeana Are Killing Public Domain
2009-02-22 Society Economy and Metrics
2009-05-16 Diversity and Stability The Case Of Hedges
2009-07-31-The Yin and Yang Of Information Security
2009-09-13 Machine Tag Taxonomy and Binomial Nomenclature
2009-10-25 An e-Book Reader Is Not A Book
2009-11-08 Random Collection Number 1
2010-01-01 Sharing e-Books with your Neighbours
2010-02-14 Contribute Or Die
2010-05-03 Information Action Ratio
2010-05-24 Information Wants To Be Free Is Becoming An Axiom
2010-06-19 Searching Google From The Command Line
2010-08-15 Free Software Is Beyond Companies
2010-10-24 Open Access Needs Free Software
2010-11-28 Why Do We Need More Wikileaks and Cryptome
2011-01-01 Often I m wrong but not always
2011-03-05 Monitoring Memory of Suspicious Processes
2011-03-06 Why The Philosophical Works Should Be Free
2011-05-22 Ease Your Log Analysis with Ranking
2011-09-04 Information Security Is Not a Matter of Compliance
2011-10-02 Try and Vet Tshirt Crypto Challenge Hack.lu2011 The Solution
2011-12-17 Certificate Revocation Reasons 2011
2011-12-25 Against SOPA or How To Do Soap
2013-02-23 Vulnerability Management Is Just An Approximation
2013-04-01 Information Visualization Is Just A Starting Point