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2007-06-09 Ranked Bibliography

Ranked or Ordered Bibliography ?

Last days were busy but I found the time to finish the reading of the Myths of Innovation written by Scott Berkun. It's a great book about innovation and its long process. The book is very interesting but I was positively surprised by his ranking method for his bibliography. Instead of having an "order of appearance" for the references in its book. He used a ranking method : he adds one point to the reference when using it. Like that, the bibliography is ordered by relevance. Nice and clever idea. The funny part is for his own previous book listed but ranked with zero. Maybe it's time to have a distributed ranking system for the bibliography ? a web service where people can add one point when they use a book or a paper as a reference. It's a small innovation but I'm pretty sure it will be more and more used.

Update : Jean-Etienne gave me another nice mixed example (ordered and ranked) of bibliography from the scientific community. As I was wondering what's the most efficient way, I made a small example from a small subset of a bibliography. Just click on the image to compare and see how the meaning of the bibliography can be affected by the simple fact of ordering or ranking.


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