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Luxembourg team participating at What The Hack from X to Y :

General organization

   * One 1 man tent (Fred)
   * One Honeypot set-up
   * One mwcollect set-up
   * At Least one Laptop
   * We have to think about cables (Cat5) and the length of them as there may be some distance to get to the next connector.
   * We also should think about taking a 24 or 48 port Switch with some 100/1000 uplink so that we for ourselves will have enough     connectivity plugs.
   * If we go for the camping car rental we won't have trouble of electricity!!!

Maybe we should think about having sth to cook or so no?? We would also need at least one bigger tent for the Hardware and stuff. How about renting a camping car. If we are 4 to pay it won't be that expensive no?

Alex what about a wireless HP??

With JPH car and we'll come back by train ? JPH seems ok with the principle.