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Similar to the Proust Questionnaire, Information Security would need something similar to interview people in the field. The idea would be used this questionnaire for the 2010 interview.


Information security or computer is security is used indifferently to express the field of security in any information systems.

  1. Favorite virtue in information security
  2. Your favorite quality in a security software
  3. Your main fault in information security
  4. Your favorite occupation in computer security
  5. Your idea of happiness in computer security
  6. What I hate the most in information security?
  7. The person I admire the most in computer security?
  8. The technique/process I admire the most in computer security?
  9. What's your present state of mind?
  10. For what fault you most tolerate in computer security?
  11. How do you see information security after your death?
  12. Your favorite motto?