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2006-08-07 Violence Is Generating Violence

Today, I'm very sad to see the escalation of violence in the Middle East. I'm really wondering why launching a war is promoting peace (as described by one of the parties), it's clearly the opposite. It's only creating more frustated people, families, citizen, and that are generating more violence at the end. It remembered me the horrible Bloody Sunday that took place in 1972 in Derry (Northern Ireland) where 13 Civil Rights protestor where killed by the British army. One of the main impact was a twenty years armed campaign made by the people impacted by the violence. Bombing and killing people is just creating the ground for more violence. Violence is a dead end, it's clearly not a solution. I just signed the petition1 for an immediate ceasefire in the Middle East. Yep, this is just a bottle in the sea… To be more funny, I'll use the quote from the Sneakers movie : I want peace on earth and good will toward men.


1. Found on AlexSchroeder's blog