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2007-11-25 Telepopmusik Effect

Vincent and I made a past experiment with the purchase of some electronic music album. But now, we found a name for this experiment : the Télépopmusik Effect. The effect is the following, you heard from radio or in a club a nice electro song from a new band. You saw various nice critics about the band, the leading song and their album. But very often, the critics are made from a "journalist" who just received the leading song (a single) from the editors. But the journalist will make a great review of a song and he'll mix the leading song review with the new and upcoming album from this band. We first encounter this effect with Télépopmusik, one great song, the rest of the album good for background music nothing more. We named the effect as I just faced it again with the latest album of Justice. Two good tracks but the rest… nothing incredible. Except various positive reviews from "journalists". The experiment will continue to see if this is not only applicable to French electro band…