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2007-12-01 La Naissance Des Pieuvres

During the European Movie Festival of Virton, we saw various good films but I was really impressed by the film La Naissance Des Pieuvres made by Céline Sciamma. I choose the film based only on its title and that was a clever choice. Often people are going to the cinema (or the movie theather in US) and expecting action, impressive visual effect without taking their breath between each action. With La Naissance Des Pieuvres, this is completely different and that's wonderful. The film talks about the entrance to the "adult" world by three teenagers. This takes place around a swimming pool and a synchronized swimming club. Nothing more… but that's the great part, with near nothing, Céline Sciamme (and their actors) expressed a lot. I was really touched by the film, the actors, the situation and the music. A good example of what I'm expecting from a film : thinking about ourself. The film (and its action) was still in my mind after some days. That's usually a very good point for a film at least in my eyes. I also discovered that the electronic music was made by Para One aka Jean-Baptiste de Laubier and the music is also a strong point in La Naissance Des Pieuvres. I purchased the original soundtrack and discovered the music flow created for the film. Very interesting, the overall music theme is repeating until you reach the track named 'Finale'. A great moment…

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