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2007-11-19 What About Belgium

When meeting people not from Belgium, they are always asking what do I think about the current political situation in Belgium ? That's a dawn good question… I was not feeling good because I really don't know what to understand from the today's situation. I always knew Belgium with such political status. For sure, starting from my birth, I have already lived more than 1 year cumulated without government. So it's not a big deal… Looking more deeply in the situation, I'm not feeling very well. I have not really an issue with the current status but I have more an issue with the fact of rising flags of a country or a region. For me, there is no real difference between rising a flag for a country or a region. That's a kind of nationalism and I don't feel comfortable with that fact. How to solve the current situation ? I think that understanding and communication are the golden keywords for "our" political representatives to solve the issue. They must also avoid the attraction of the mass media

I'll stop here and keep in my mind this quote from Banksy : "people who enjoy waving flags don't deserve to have one"

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