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2007-11-10 Dreaming Of Mediawiki Using GIT

Discussing the ability to have an off-line Mediawiki, I was wondering why there is no Mediawiki relying on git. Mediawiki is a de facto standard for the wiki users, every company has at least a Mediawiki for one or more project. Mediawiki strongly rely on the LAMP concept with a special emphasis on MySQL and the Structured Query Language (SQL) for the storage of the wiki content. At a first glance, it looks very difficult to move away from such centralized model to a decentralized model like git. The idea is not new and there are already some tentative :

The main advantage of using a decentralized model for the storage in Mediawiki could help the off-line use of Mediawiki. Git works easily with branching without the hassle of CVS or Subversion. The techniques are there and freely available but the challenge is to provide a mix Mediawiki and git in an usable interface for the wiki users. Maybe someone is already working on a similar thing…

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