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2006-08-01 MVC Panacea

MVC, a panacea ?

I was evaluating various MVC framework to do a specific project. The project is not a simple web-based application. The web interface is just a part of the whole thing including a kind-of distributed datastore, an XML-RPC interface, a naming server and a queueing services. I was expecting a little bit of flexibility regarding the different MVC framework (like Ruby on Rails, Django or Jifty) but such framework works very well if you have a full control of all the components. This is not the situation with my current project, as the application is distributed, using different interfaces and having different datastore and model. The web (euhh…. sorry the web 2.0) interface is just a small part of the whole system. So I ended to use a mixture of perl modules like CGI::Session, HTML::Mason, CGI::Ajax… and other perl modules. MVC frameworks are cool but not for all the cases. Just pick the right tool to do the job.