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2006-07-21 Back from Scotland

Highland Cow
Sheep on the road
Alice's writing

Scotland - Highlands

We (Alice, Béné, Steph and I) made a travel in the Highlands, Scotland for around 10 days. A very nice travel where we meet different animals ranging from the famous highlands cow to european seals in Plockton. The lodging was in different B&B and guest house around the path. The scots are very friendly and open to discussions, we got some difficulties to stop the conversation with various old people ;-). The population in Scotland seems very old and the only young people seems to be located in/around the big cities. Maybe it's the beginning of the "baby boom" effect in Scotland that we'll get in the following years. The nature and the landscape are very nice… the only drawback is the food in Scotland. It's not that easy to find very good food… like we are used in Belgium.