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2007-03-25 One Hour Less

Again we lost one hour during the week-end, you know the bloody summer time kill our sleeping time again. The "expert" told us that's good for energy conservation or some other unproven reason. The only thing I know is that my sleeping is one hour less. Of course, you'll tell me that I just have to sleep one hour early to get back the missing hour. That's true but that's also mean you remove one active hour. Of course, it's easier to complain about the summer time shift than the winter time shift. Sorry, today I'm complaining just because I slept one hour less… To continue with criticisms, "system of practices using processes" is another ground where "expert" told us what to do and how to do it. I found this nice quote on Coding Horror about those nice "processes" :

Process is no substitute for thinking.

I forgot to mention : All events regarding "processes" are fictitious and not part of my work activities ;-)


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