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Comments from Osvaldo :

Alexandre, maybe it would be nicer for blind people to have the Edit button on top of the page, together with the Search and Go fields, this wiki is currently presenting the Edit button aso near the bottom, while its exactly the opposite who is the best for us.

A quick hack from Alex Shroeder to make it works :

    sub NewGetFooterLinks {
      return '';
	 sub {
	   my $rev = GetParam('revision', '');
	   $rev = 'history' if not $rev and GetParam('action', '') eq 'history';
	   $rev = 'edit' if not $rev and GetParam('action', '') eq 'edit';
	   $UserGotoBar = OldGetFooterLinks(GetId(), $rev);

Require the GetID?() function only available in the latest revesion.

Comments from adulau :

Now it's installed on and using the same backend as