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2007-08-26 Joshua In Gaume

When living in a rural area, lots of people think there is nothing or not much social activities but this is not really true at least in our area in Gaume. Looking for a proof ? Friday night in the next village called Jamoigne, Joshua played live in a small concert organized by a local youth club. Joshua played really well with a nice energy (helped by a second singer called I.Q./IQ ?) and nice touch of electro. Good vibes… I'll look forward to purchase their album.

Small notes for Joshua (the band and their webmaster) : please make your website not only in the proprietary flash "technology" but make your website (plain XHTML/HTML) readable by human and machine (like the Google Bot). It will be easier when we are looking for you… and your good music.


geo: Jamoigne, Chiny