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2006-08-13 Nandrin Festival

We (rsvj and I) were this Saturday at the Nandrin (Belgium) music festival. Initialy, the festival was a mixture of electro, pop and rock. The electro scene was only taking place the Friday before. But this new 2006 edition, the organizer moved to an electro festival only. I think it's a very good move… sorry but I'm really a big fan of electronic music. The lineup was very eclectic this year but we were very impressed by the performance of daan. They performed a very nice mixture of electro with a soft touch of guitars and a nice EBM-like voice. On the side node, the drummer of daan is also very impressive but not only on the performance. A lot of local (less local) DJs played but they often took the less risky approach of playing. Praxyd (a DJ from Liege) is always playing with the same beat and it's often too monotonic for my taste (but still good for dancing…). Anne Clark (I'm sure that you know the artist from the eighties) made a very calm performance but quite good. Nandrin is indeed a very nice electro event and I'm already waiting for the next year edition.

Nandrin Electro Festival - a fuzzy view

We had a very nice discussion about the capabilities of old camera to make excellent shot in hard condition like concert and festival. But that could be another entry in my blog.