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This is only a crappy note… and not a real HOWTO


Compaq/HP Proliant server has a kind of integrated managed with a bunch of proprietary interfaces. There are HP/Compaq specific tools for GNU/Linux to do the management (IML) but required specific kernel version or specific version of the GNU/Linux distribution. So installing it on non-supported version is a real pain. So other main issue is that source code is not available (the software seems proprietary as I can't find any complete licensing information) for these tools and used various non-standard libraries. I won't talk about the SNMP integration or the various self-hosted http server ;-)

But you still need the information coming from the bios, mainboard or the RAID…

Here is some information on how I installed (installed is a big word for these notes)

Software required

How to install

Please do not install the RPMs except if you want to play…

What kind of information can I get from the HP proprietary tools ?

hpasmcli> show temp
Sensor   Location              Temp       Threshold
------   --------              ----       ---------
#0        SYSTEM_BD             -          -
#1        PROCESSOR_ZONE       27C/80F    56C/132F
#2        CPU#1                30C/86F    67C/152F
#3        I/O_ZONE             27C/80F    57C/134F
#4        CPU#2                 -          -

hpasmcli> show fans
Fan  Location        Present Speed  of max  Redundant  Partner
---  --------        ------- -----  ------  ---------  -------
#1   PROCESSOR_ZONE  Yes     NORMAL 10%     No         N/A      No
#2   SYSTEM          Yes     NORMAL 10%     No         N/A      No

hpasmcli> show server
System        : ProLiant DL360 G3
Serial No.    : XXXXXXXXXXXX
ROM version   : P31 01/28/2004
iLo present   : Yes
Embedded NICs : 2
        NIC1 MAC: 00:0f:20:79:XX:XX
        NIC2 MAC: 00:0f:20:79:XX:XX

Processor: 0
        Name         : Intel Xeon
        Stepping     : 9
        Speed        : 2800 MHz
        Bus          : 533 MHz
        Socket       : 1
        Level2 Cache : 512 KBytes
        Status       : Ok

Processor total  : 1

Memory installed : 1024 MBytes
ECC supported    : Yes

You can also use the 'hplog -v' to get the latest log from the BIOS.

Update 23 May 2007