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2007-01-14 Managing Your Feeds

Managing Your Feeds

I'm often asked to give a list of my favorite public feeds. Yesterday, I cleaned up my list to clearly separate the private and public feeds (you know for this vague notion of privacy in our living connected world). There are now available in an OPML format. The file is composed of more 500 RSS/Atom feeds mainly containing my current blogroll, a list of monitored free software project or some specific rss/photo feeds. The OPML format is quite old and was created by Dave Winer. A lot of people was complaining about OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) that the specification are quite unclear (too open for interpretation) , too simple or only using element attributes (I'm often a bozo but I don't care). That could be true… but OPML is simple, implemented and available. It works and at the end it's better to have such format than having 200 pages specification without implementation. The Sage Firefox extension is supporting import and export in OPML. There is also some other extension in Firefox. You can also share your feeds on but it's only useful for the social web freaks… but we are all freaks. aren't we ?