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Comments on 2007-08-26 Java Is Bloated

Java == slow that's one point.

Also, how many times do you encounter an applet/servlet crash on your system just because you installed the IBM JRE instead of Sun (yes it works for application A but not with B, play with PATH and so on..oops it's 32bit instead of 64)? And for the lambda user who wants to run a simple application or browser applet you still have to understand why it was called JRE then SE then J22E or if you need JDK instead of JRE; where to download it. A complete mess; not only at byte level but also due to the crapy commercial habits of Sun Microsystems. Another example: their rebranded Netscape LDAP Server is JES (Java Entreprise Server). Where the heck is Java linked to LDAP? Just in the GUI managing the server, and you still can use CLI to configure/manage old netscape code so… bullshit!

RaNma 2007-08-27 07:51 UTC

Yep. It's messy at all the level. Regarding the Netscape LDAP Server, there is still some hope as there is the free software fork of it ( They just need to remove the bloated java GUI to make it a real (free) software.

adulau 2007-08-28 18:57 UTC