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Enhancing classification of digital archive using free tagging and veto tagging


Classification of digital archive is becoming a complex matter for the maintainers of such digital collection. The existing approach of classification (in "classical libraries") is not providing all the required classification for the modern access of digital collection. Free tagging and veto tagging are possible means to enhance the existing classification mechanisms. The paper introduces the basic concept of free tagging, veto tagging and their use in a digital document archive. An implementation of the concept is described as a proof for engineering deployment. (to reformulate) The purpose is to provide a solution to merge the traditional classification in libraries with the tagging concept.


Today, the practice in libraries is to use various fixed classification scheme to order or classify the works(term: Works will be used to represent books, publication, "one specific content", …) using a highly structured method like Dewey Decimal Classification(ref) or an improved version like Universal Decimal Classification(ref).

tagging in digital archive


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interaction between conventional classification and tagging

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