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2006-12-03 Electronic Music Dave Clarke Remixes

Dave Clarke Remixes - a review

As my blog is an inconsistent space, I need some works to keep it inconsistent. The today's topic is electronic music and the review of the latest release from Dave Clarke. Dave Clarke Presents Remixes & Rarities 1992 - 2005 is released under the mythical label Music Man as two CDs (real CD without DRM…). It's a compilation including the major remixes made by Dave Clarke until today. When I saw it in the shelf of the music store, It remembered me some electronic music parties where a DJ was always playing The Storm (one of the best track from Dave Clarke part of the mythical red serie) at a specific time. Going back to the compilation, it's an eclectic collection of remixes. It's somewhat reflecting the work of Dave Clarke and so including the different level of quality in its past and current work. I don't really want to talk about the tracks I don't like… but there are two tunes on the compilation that justify it's purchasing. The remix of the EBM-style track of Douglas McCarthy and Terence Fixmer : You Want It. It's really a great remix keeping the original atmosphere of the track with a nice touch of "Dave Clarke" rhythm. The other one is Lie To Me, the original track made by Slam (founder of Soma Records). The original lyric and vocal were already incredible but the never starting "bass" is very nice and give a new smooth and deep atmosphere. The quality of the other remixes (or unreleased tracks) is quite variable… but the compilation is quite good and give a perspective of the overall work of Dave Clarke. A nice new year gift for the electronic music fans.