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An approach to colocation services rack - colocation in a box


Today Internet Service Provider tries to extend their service portfolio to co-location services. The major challenge are the efficient management, customization for each customers but also very small workload regarding these operations without increasing the costs. We propose in this document a technical and organizational approach to meet these requirements in a very short time frame. The implementation permits to be done in a very short time due to the fact the ISP infrastructure is already available.

Introduction and Definition

What is Colocation ? Colocation is a service provided by Internet Service Provider to host network and system equipment in a well connected and protected environment. Most colocation offer various types of services : Including specific or partial rack space but also some services like hardware maintenance or software monitoring and alike.

*Colocation is considered as a basic raw service that can be expanded/used by some other services like managed hosting and managed secure services*

Services provided

Target customer/audience

Technical approach


Physical requirements

Network design


Scope of security : containing various users

Accounting and billing

Business case