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I have some photos/pictures on the web service flickr and I always wanted to backup my photos including the meta-information generated by such services. I found the excellent CPAN modules called Net::Flickr::Backup for accessing flickr and doing RDF backup of the meta-information.

A basic script to backup everything :

use Net::Flickr::Backup;
use Log::Dispatch::Screen;
my $flickr = Net::Flickr::Backup->new("./config.ini");

my $feedback = Log::Dispatch::Screen->new('name'      => 'info',
                                              'min_level' => 'info');


With the following config :

api_key = abcdef
api_secret = 13456
auth_token = 123456abcd
api_handler = XPath

photos_root = ./photo/
do_dump = 1

and now you have a directory structure including your photo plus the meta-information collected per photos in RDF format:

<flickr:comment rdf:about="">
<a:body>Je t'offrirai une sacoche, la prochaine fois que je viens aux Bulles...</a:body>
<dc:creator rdf:resource=""/>
<a:annotates rdf:resource=""/>