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2007-04-07 GeoRSS Simplicity

When I saw the GeoRSS standard integrating GML or Geo Simple, I was impressed by the simplicity behind the concept. How it works ? You have a simple namespace for GML or Simple that you just need to add in your feed (atom or RSS). That's it after you are ready to point, line, box or polygon your location for an item or in a channel. I made a quick patch and geo module for my Oddmuse installation. The nice part is a lot of web services (like Google Maps) is supporting RSS with geo information. That means you can browse my blog by location… that's just another way to represent and classify information. I'm pretty sure that the use of GeoRSS will grow… and unpredicted services will pop up between the virtual and the physical world.


geo: Les Bulles, Chiny