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2007-02-17 Being Tagged

Being Tagged

Jean-Etienne tagged me : it's a game where you share five things about yourself that relatively few people know. Jean-Etienne triggers me about privacy and this "blog-tag" game . As I'm still free to participate to the game and select the five things that I want to share. I think I'll voluntary "sacrifice" a small part of my privacy for playing the game :

  1. I don't drink alcohol. Just because life is too short to add an additional risk. Don't worry I still have a lot fun.
  2. More than seven years ago, I met my lovely girlfriend (should I say my wife now…) in a party. The funny part is I was invited to meet another girl. At the end, random is often more efficient than organized rendezvous.
  3. I have some half-sisters and half-brothers around but I have no contact with them.
  4. Sometimes ago, I have swum in an exterior public pool at three o'clock in the morning. I accessed the exterior pool by climbing the wall. For my defense, the temperature was really high and I was younger.
  5. There is no point five. In other words, I'm a big fan of Monty Python and their surreal humor.

I won't explicitly "blog-tag" anyone I just have some people in my blog roll who were never "blog-tagged". So if you have the envy and you are willing to "sacrifice" some privacy… it's time to take your keyboard.