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Software Design

Simple architecture, simple interface and plug-in based. The purpose is to be easy for the developer to build new tools but also for the user to build new approach to use the object repository.

Object Identification

The term object is somewhat incorrect as it's a only the identification of file with its submission data and unique hash. The ID of an object is composed of prefix (often the archive name), date and time of submission and the hash (SHA-2) of the object. Nothing more.

In the policy of your archive, you can decide to have an archive where multiple object can be added with the same hash, or not or following a time scale. Collision issued can be somewhat solved with the time scale approach.

A sample FAT ID :



Links must follow the RFC 3986

Meta file definition

The metafile directory (m) is containing all the meta file added or extracted from the object :


Meaning of the status file is to keep track of the state of the object.

  by default : public
status file (status)
FAT (fat.sub)

An example sub files for Free Archive Toolkit :

dc:Creator; John Doe
dc:Date; 2004-12-31
dc:Description; The famous artwork of the FooBar in a river
dc:Format; image/png

The fat:Source is the source (in URI format) of the document.

Extension directory


Basic application to do