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For debugging, I needed to install a Gentoo installation in a virtual machine. Here is a quick howto.

Create the virtual machine with some memory (1GB should be enough) and boot from the Gentoo Live CD (or any decent boot live cd like Ubuntu).

Disk Layout

n → 1 → primary partition (root partition) max - 2GB

n → 2 → primary partition (swap partition) remaining 2GB

Make FS, active SWAP and mount FS

Download latest autobuild stage3 in the mount point

untar the latest stage3 into the gentoo mount point

chroot to the mount point

mount /proc

update the Gentoo repo

compiling a kernel

(the fastest way especially if don't know exactly the hardware of your virtual machine)

edit fstab

add DHCP client

set a root password

and you can reboot