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2007-12-27 RSS Everything XMAS

After the past RSS Everything blog entry made in February about RSS and the catrss from Jean-Etienne Poirrier, I come today with two new experiments for my own need (I still hope one day to generalize the script to make them more UNIX-like filtering friendly).

I wanted to merge my multiple activities (often represented in RSS) in one representation to give an overview to be accessible on my personal home page. I made a simple script to do the job. A sample output result is available.

 python2.5 --maxitem 200 --output phtml  

The other script ( is also a very early experiment to cluster by time multiple items from an RSS feed into another RSS feed. It's quite common to have an RSS feed containing a lot of items for small events (like bookmarks) and you want to cluster them in one item for a 2 days period.

python2.5 --interval 2 --maxitem 20 "">adulau-2days.xml

The two scripts are accessible in my messy git repo. No major innovation but still small step to better (or more?) use RSS (at least for me). I also hope that will trigger more discussions or other ideas around RSS (or Atom).