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2005-07-18 00h54

Reading and swimming

Off in Cap-Ferret

I was off for one week at Cap-Ferret and so reading is a nice thing to do on the atlantic beach. I was able to complete the following reading :

Very nice and pleasant.

I'm big fan of this author but I missed this biography published in 1991. A very nice analysis and (small) biography of the master : H.P. Lovecraft. There is a kind of "positive" (if we can talk about a positive in his world) biography but also an anti-biography. Very complete in concise way. A nice book.

The sci-fi novels of Dick are often very good but this book is a compilation of "papers" made by Dick in various conferences. For my perspective, not really interesting except some discussion regarding reality… IMHO, I was a bit disappointed by his gnostic view, strange comments about dreams and the fuzziness of the proposed discussion. The positive point is the notes and references included in the book.

Various strange novels…