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2007-04-15 Where Google Finance Is Getting The Data

Looking at GooDiff today change set, there is a simple change for in their FAQ :

 ** How much historical data does Google Finance have? **   
+ Historical data and daily updates are provided by [ CSI ]( . 

We had a discussion some months where is getting their financial information. But Google is simply using CSI Data Inc. (the provider for all non real time trading information) like any other web-based finance information. When asking the question, we were just distracted by the interface and the representation/presentation of information… but at the end it's the just plain standard data. At the end, the source of information is important but not really the differentiator among the other web based provider : the differentiator is representation of the information. If Google succeeds in getting real time data for NYSE as they asked SEC that the NYSE (and its subsidiary company managing the trading information) to follow the free data policy. This could be a great success as the value of real time information is more important in the eyes of the user. The competition should clearly focus on the representation/presentation of the information because if the free data policy is applied for financial information, the difference won't be source but just how we see the information on the screen.


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