Some presentation I made. The list is in a reverse order (more recent in front of the table) :

Presentation (name, link) Description and format available Language and date of the last update
Le libre : un modèle de distribution éthique Competition is important in free market and Free Software philosophy is an application of free market distribution. A presentation in french given in Luxembourg during JDL2004. The subject is an experimental approach of free market and free software. French - 24-03-2004
Reverse Engineering : An Old Friend of Computer Science And The Free Software Community. a quick introduction to reverse engineering : on the legal and technical aspect.HTML English - 08-11-2003
Vie Privée et Société de l'Information : Conflits et Outils A basic introduction to privacy on Internet and in the information society.PDF PS LaTeX French - 20-04-2003
The current and future legal framework : a threat to Free Software and Computer Science The issue of the legal framework for the Free Software and Computer Science. (from DMCA/EUCD to DRM...) presentation given at Linux Solutions 2003 (Paris). PDF PS LaTeX English - 06-02-2003
Linux Kernel Security : A general overview of MAC A general overview of the concept around Mandatory Access Control and the kernel implementation existing at that time. Presentation done during the GNU/linuxdays luxembourg 2002. PDF PS MGP English - 01-10-2002
The current and future legal framework : a threat to Free Software and Computer Science The issue of the legal framework for the Free Software and Computer Science. (from DMCA/EUCD to DRM...) presentation given at LSM 2002. PDF html MGP English - 12-07-2002
Lois et Libertés dans la société de l'information Une présentation de base (à améliorer/) les lois et libertés dans la société de l'information. Les problèmes en cours pour le logiciel Libre mais aussi nos libertés. (EUCD, DMCA,...) conférence donné au lilit. PDF HTML MGP French - 26-04-2002
Ingénierie Logiciel & Securité: Le logiciel Libre, une pierre à l'édifice de la sécurité des logiciels Ingénierie Logiciel & Securité : Le logiciel Libre, une pierre à l'édifice de la sécurité des logiciels. PDF HTML MGP French - 25-03-2002
802.11 Introduction et sécurité Introduction et sécurité de 802.11 (Clussil GT-Wireless) French - 29-02-2002
Licences du logiciel libre : Introduction, implication et utilisation. Une introduction et un comparatif des licences du logiciel libre. (Linuxdays Luxembourg 2001) French - 24-10-2001
Forensic Analysis : de l'analyse locale à l'analyse réseau Une introduction à l'analyse lègale en informatique. (GT/Clussil) French - 08-10-2001
SSH : Secure Shell, une introduction Une introduction à SSH. (GT/Clussil) French - 23-08-2001
Snort : Introduction et mise en pratique Une introduction à Snort (GT/Clussil). French - 10-05-2001
Trojan horse : Details techniques et solutions Dans le cadre du clussil , plusieurs workshops furent réalisés. Voici celui concernant les chevaux de Troie (Trojan horse). French - 01-03-2001
Les intrusions Detection System (IDS) utiles ? Outils pour l'analyse legale Les NIDS utiles dans une infrastructure de securite ? French - 15-11-2000

Various Publication and Papers

Here is some documents and papers, I have written. Some are in French. The list is in a reverse order (more recent in front of the table).

Document (name, link) Description Language and date of the last update
Sécurité en ingénierie du Logiciel : une analyse inversée Une démonstration de la sécurité des systèmes d'information par la pratique. 2004-2005 Cours DESS - SIC / Université de Metz
Sécurité en ingénierie du Logiciel : Le cadre des Web Services L'objectif de ce cours est, d'une part, d'introduire deux concepts : la sécurité dans le développement logiciel et les services web. 2003-2004 Cours DESS - SIC / Université de Metz
Good security practice for a Free Software release/distribution A quick and small document on how to release your software to the community with security in mind for the packaging.PDF PS 14-08-2003
OpenSST : Open Simple Secure Transaction Une approche de reduction de la complexite pour les transactions electronique. PDF PS 01-02-2003
Free Stonehenge recipe As Richard Stallman is using the analogy of the recipe to explain Free Software concept, we have made a recipe (of a hard chocolate cake) distributed under the GNU General Public License. PDF HTML 01-10-2002
Libre working contract (Working contract under the GNU General Public License) I have made one for having a working contract compatible with Free Software. (regarding the use of copyright by the autors to protect Freedom) These working contracts are in use in Belgium and Luxembourg for the moment. Feel free to make translated version or specific to your local regulation. PDF French/Others - 14-02-2002
Introduction à TCP/IP et aux routeurs de type IOS (Cisco) Une simple introduction aux routeurs Cisco. French - 05-06-2000 (somewhat oudated)
Manifeste des technologies libres Document en version "alpha", pour la promotion des technologies/logiciels Libres et le respect des libertés fondamentales. PS 20-10-1999 (quite outdated and should be updated)

Free Software Project

Here is a partial list of Free Software Projects where I'm involved :

Software name version/status Description
FAT (Free Archive Toolkit) 0.0.2 A free digital preservation toolkit used behind the Free Archive project
wvpn alpha-release/active wvpn is a small free software solution for setting up a vpn between a gateway and various client by using OpenPGP/GnuPG as an authentication method and OpenVPN as an encrypted network tunnel method. The main purpose is to create wireless vpn tunnel in a simple and secure way.
MQS 0.0.13/active A minimalist queueing system for offering asynchronous messaging for program/application. This software is used for the freearchive project but also for some other project.
IPFC 1.0.5/active (I don't maintaining it anymore) Inter Protocol Flexible Control - IPFC is a distributed monitoring and centralized logging solution for different types of devices such as firewalls, routers, mail servers, access-card readers etc...
OpenSST rel1/active Open Simple Secure Transaction
ssh-smart proof-of-concept/dead a really small software (a proof-of-concept) to put private identity from ssh on smartcard (memory card)). The project is dead because OpenSC is now part of OpenSSH and working quite well.
ip-filter-cgi 0.0.1/dead an old cgi script to manage IP Filter rules)
misc scripts various a collection of scripts and tools, I have made (or patched) and use daily.

Small Free Software/Scripts and configuration



Various Comments regarding freedom and information society

Some comments, I have made around some specific issue about Freedom and the Information Society :

Daily Mantra

"All information should be free", Steven Levy (1984, in Hackers, Heroes of the Computer Revolution)

The belief, sometimes taken unconditionally, that information should be free was a direct tribute to the way a splendid computer, or computer program, works--the binary bits moving in the most straightforward, logical path necessary to do their complex job, What was a computer but something which benefited from a free flow of information? If, say, the accumulator found itself unable to get information from the input/output (i/o) devices like the tape reader or the switches, the whole system would collapse. In the hacker viewpoint, any system could benefit from that easy flow of information.