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Welcome to adulau (Alexandre Dulaunoy) messy area, this is a working area where full of useless digital experiments take place. One of the experimentation is the action to stack information (sometimes this can be called data only) in an (in)efficient way. This is clearly inefficient but it works so well… sometimes mess is better than order.

You have been warned, sometimes information contained can be useful but often it's just crap…

This wiki is running the nice free oddmuse engine.

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  • 13:59 UTC CIRCL hashlookup ( hash lookup is a public API to lookup hash values against known database of files. NSRL RDS database is included. More database will be included in the future. The API is accessible via HTTP ReST API and the API is also described as an OpenAPI. Is it a database of malicious or non-malicious hash of files? CIRCL hashlookup service only gives details about known files appearing in specific database(s). This gives you context and information about file hashes which can be discovered during investigation or digital forensic analysis.
  • 13:56 UTC MISP Galaxy Clusters (including threat actors)
  • 13:55 UTC Deciduous: A Security Decision Tree GeneratorSecurity decision trees are a powerful tool to inform saner security prioritization when designing, building, and operating software systems. But creating them has largely involved highly manual tinkering, which is why it’s understandable that I’m constantly asked, “Is there an app that my team can use to create them?” I’m delighted that I now can say “fuck yes there is!” with the release of Deciduous, a security decision tree generator. Inspired by the Security Chaos Engineering e-book and my previous blog post on creating security decision trees with Graphviz, one of my unindicted co-conspirators Ryan Petrich built a web app that handles all the annoying grunt work of building an attack tree. This lets you focus on the thinky thinky and typey typey around likely attacker actions, potential mitigations, and how attackers will respond to those mitigations as Deciduous dynamically generates an organized and styled1 graph for you.