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2008-05-24 My Git To-Do Process

Until very recently, I was using a mixture of text files to maintain a to-do list across my various activities. The problem is some of my to-do and activities are linked and I needed a kind of permanent access to those lists while at work, home or travelling/moving. I also needed to update the list off-line and with the ability to merge them easily. That was working but not perfect and sometime messy.

I found an updated version of the famous todo.txt (a bash script to maintain plain text to-do list) called hosted at ( After a simple test, I decided to move all my to-do lists, idea lists or n lists to The major work was to recreate all the lists using the simple format of todo.txt but that was straightforward.

So I "centralized" (a big word for a distributed SCM ;-) everything around the to-do master git repository accessible via Internet, nothing really exotic. I have some basic script to always merge the master when I'm starting to work to be sure that the local branch is up to date.

My daily process is roughly described in the diagram but the idea is there. I mixed all my various lists and used the format of todo.txt to tag the entries. That permits me to recover some old ideas lost in my previous messy format. Another big advantage of todo.txt is the ability to change child/parent for each entry. Very handy when you see that a project is going nowhere without making other tasks before.

I have also included the daily idea list where I'm just listing crazy idea coming in my mind or after discussions with a friend or a colleague. That's a way for me to keep a kind of imaginative playground along with more raw task to be done. When an idea is becoming a task (that's often a good news), I just add a tag to link the idea with the current project to work on.

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