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2008-02-03 Flickr and

Is it time to free up some web 2.0 platforms ? If Yahoo! is really acquired by MSFT, we really need a good free platform replacing and flickr. I don't like to complain in my diary but maybe this bloody potential acquisition could shake up the social web to be more free and open ? Free alternative is always good but in the current stage large-scale web social platform (read : with a large user base) invest a lot in their hosting infrastructure. Is it sustainable for free social platform ? Where could they get the money to run their platform without turning the system to be proprietary ? That's still an open question. 10 years ago we had the same question for free software, we found solutions regarding the investment in free software. Maybe it's a new challenge for the free software/free information community ? finding new ways for investment in free social platform.

Update 10 Feb 2008 : Yahoo Board to Reject Microsoft bid If this is confirmed, that's already a good news. On the other hand, the issue of free information community still remains by their non existence. I just hope more free software around social networks including free infrastructure will pop-up in the future.