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2007-05-19 Belgian Election

Federal election in Belgium will take place the Sunday 10 June. I was wondering what is the different political programs of each political party and their vision of our future society. I was a bit disappointed to see how large and vague the political concepts are in their programs. Political parties don't take risk to improve our society, they are just giving a nice and global vision to catch the maximum of people. They give an impression that nothing can't be easily enhanced in our societies…

Looking at the colorful advertisement of the political candidate in the street, I was wondering what we can improve in our societies (just in my eyes)… The idea is to share the ideas among the Belgian citizen and maybe propose some of them to our political representatives.

The list is clearly not exhaustive but if at least two propositions could be taken out by a political group. I would be very happy. I know I'm an idealist and worst, I'm Belgian…


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