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2007-04-28 Electronic Music Discoveries

I received my latest order from the excellent Alfa Matrix label. In the pack, there was Deliberately Fragile (double CD including the remixes) from Technoir. Technoir, beside the name of the bar in the Terminator movie, is the name of a German duo doing a nice kind of dark (and sometimes pop) electronic music. The voice of Julia Beyer is really great and giving a nice and deep atmosphere to the majority of the tracks. The remixed version are adding some complexity to some of the song. A must to acquire if you like electronic music.

Another nice discovery is checkpoint 303, the concept behind the band is really interesting. They are taking samples in the occupied territories (the Palestinian territory) and make electronic music out of it. The work is not only politic but they really create new spaces by mixing the samples with atmospheric music. The songs are available under a restrictive creative common license (yes, not the CC-SA license). But the music is interesting and accessible. Maybe a new way to introduce the issue of the occupied territories to student in secondary school ?


geo: Les Bulles, Chiny