Table of Contents

Volume 2, Issue 6 (#2), Summer 1997

Perl-fect Sundials
Build your own sundials, accurate to the minute.
John Redford

Just the FAQs: Sorting and Hashes
TPJ's first ever tutorial teaches you the intricacies of sorting.
Frossie Economou

CGI: Rating Web Page Tastefulness
NPH scripts and creating Web robots with LWP.
Lincoln D. Stein

The AutoLoader
How to load parts of Perl modules on demand.
Randy Ray

3D Graphics and Perl
Using the OpenGL graphics library to create 3D objects.
Alligator Descartes

Perl News
What's new in the Perl community.
Jon Orwant

Perl/Tk: Another Wild Widget Tour
Balloons, file selectors, pulldown and popup menus...
Steve Lidie

Random Number Generators and XS
Using C code (for making really random numbers) from Perl.
Otmar Lendl

Information Retrieval and pack 'w'
There's more to finding documents than database queries.
Ulrich Pfeifer

1st Annual Obfuscated Perl Contest
I suppose you thought this was obfuscated?
Felix Gallo