Table of Contents

Volume 2, Issue 5 (#1), Spring 1997

Pattern Languages
The building blocks of programs.
Felix Gallo

PDL: The Perl Data Language
Compact and speedy numeric programming.
Karl Glazebrook and Frossie Economou

Regexes: In Sync With Your Data
What to do when a character isn't just a byte.
Jeffrey Friedl

Perl and Nuclear Weapons Don't Mix
How Perl pitfalls nearly caused thermonuclear destruction.
Ray F. Piodasoll

DBI: The Database Interface
Working with commercial database engines.
Alligator Descartes and Tim Bunce

Perl News
What's new in the Perl community.
Jon Orwant

Surreal HTML Pages
Create travesties of web pages with The Mangler.
Lincoln Stein

Signals, Sockets, and Pipes
A graphical Perl/Tk utility for monitoring disk usage.
Steve Lidie

Futures Trading with Perl
Perl, pork bellies, and the Donchian Channel.
M. Edward Borasky

Implementing the X Protocol
Using Perl to speak the binary X protocol.
Mark Eichin