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2006-12-28 Eating PSU

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Eating Power Supply ? my last from the same serie...

New and Old Power Supply Antec

Today I replaced my last Antec Power Supply Unit from the notorious serie : SL350P. I now have replaced all the old SL350P by SP-350P. I broke three SL350P in less than 1 year mainly mainly due to thunder quite frequent in the area where I'm living. The strange part is that the powersupply was still giving the correct output voltage in VSB (+5V). VSB is the standby voltage to keep the minimal voltage on the mainboard (e.g. the wake-on-lan required that to power-on the board). For the rest, the outputs were quite chaotic and not standard output like +3.3V, +/-5V or +12V on the 24pin connector. From my experience, it's not a good idea to try fixing up the power supplies… and it's often better (mainly for safety) to order new one ;-)

All the story reminds me the paper from Google : High-efficiency power supplies for home computers and servers about the current inefficiency of the PSU and that we should have a single output voltage 12V from the power supply. I'll vote for it…