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2007-06-03 What's Make A Good Web 2.0 Application

Sometimes people ask me why I choose a specific web application for a service than an other available for free. I was unable to find a consistent answer to that. Looking more to the Web 2.0 (you are free to remove the version as I think it's applicable to any web application) services I frequently use gave me some possible tracks/ideas what's a good web service. I tried a lot of web services the past years but I only kept to work with the following :

All the web services listed here have different usage and they cover a large scope of use. But I choose them for some common reasons :

I don't know if it really helps when evaluating web services but it's often a starting. If a web services is seriously lacking one of the mentioned points, I tend to discard it in the short term. Of course, this is only my limited perception of web services.


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