Table of Contents

Volume 1, Number 4, (#4) Winter 1996

A Subjective Look at Object Oriented Programming
A guarded introduction to OOP.
Mike Stok

The generation and use of random numbers.
Jon Orwant

The Perl Purity Test
Are you a a wizard, a guru, or merely a user?
Jeff Okamoto

Using Usenet from Perl
(Thank you for not spamming.)
Graham Barr

New Modules
Recent additions to the CPAN.
Jon Orwant

CGI Programming: The LWP Library
How to write your own browsers, robots, and more.
Lincoln Stein

Perl/Tk: The Grid Geometry Manager
How to lay out widgets.
Steve Lidie

Understanding Regular Expressions
"To Be Contined..."
Jeffrey Friedl

The Best Of Both Worlds
Embedding Perl in C.
Doug MacEachern

use Lovecraft qw(cthulhu);
A Lovecraftian homage to the new Camel book.
Charlie Stross