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Photography a solitary art?

Is photography a solitary art? Difficult to say but I usually take my best shots while alone or with other photographers who understand the practise of photography. The idea of this post came from Bob who asked me to take a selfie. We tried to take pictures in front of a large mirror in a hotel's lobby.

But photography is time depend, you need time to think about a picture and some time to represent a picture. The time requirement was not meet for the selfie but we did overcome the challenge. Sometime you hear that photography is solitary art but is it really? Thinking about it, it's not the act of being alone but to control time. You just need a set of people in the same spacetime. Bob and I tried to be in that spacetime but the surrounding were obviously much faster than us.

Next time, we will control time. We will get rid of our watches and ride the spectrum of time with our cameras.


The Difficult Exercise of Self Portrait, ƒ/6.3, 35mm, selfiehotel on flickr