Why another RSS feed for the recently published Internet Drafts?

I was using the feeds provided by interglacial but they were shutdown in May 2008. Around the same time, tools.ietf.org provides an RSS feed of the newly published Internet-Draft but presentation (especially the subject and description) is different than the one provided by interglacial. There is another major drawback of the official feed from IETF, the date is the generation date and not the ID-Action date. So you have a bulk of I-D change in your RSS reader instead of having the correct date for the I-D release. In other words, the reading was more convenient before...

So I made a quick-and-dirty script part of my RssAny quest, the script is simply getting the announce from a mailbox subscribed to the ietf i-d announce. The script is available in my git repository.

Internet-Draft RSS 2.0 Feeds (from the mailing-list)

Feeds are updated every hour.

Internet-Draft RSS 2.0 Feeds (tools.ietf.org official feeds)