Table of Contents

Volume 4, Number 2 (#14), Summer 1999

Perl News
What's new in the Perl community.
Chris Nandor

What Is Truth?
Truth and falsehood aren't black and white.
Nathan Torkington

Downloading Web Pages Through A Proxy Server
How LWP can cope with firewalls.
Rob Svirskas

Seven Useful Uses of local
Some rare occasions when my won't do.
Mark-Jason Dominus

On-the-Fly Web Plots Made Easy
Using Gnuplot to graph web logs
Lincoln D. Stein

E-mail with Attachments
Using MIME to send images, audio, and more.
Dan Sugalski

Review of Perl: The Programmer's Companion
A Perl book for experienced programmers.

Perl/Tk Menus: Past, Present, and Future
Creating menubars in Perl/Tk 4 and Perl/Tk 8.
Steve Lidie

Manipulating Images with Perl and the Gimp
Creating plug-ins for a free alternative to Adobe's Photoshop.
Aaron Sherman

Review of Learning Perl/Tk
An introductory text for graphics programming with Perl/Tk.

Building A Better Hash
How a problem was solved with a homebrew data structure.
Dan Schmidt

Using Databases with DBI: What Not To Do
Speeding up your database connections.
Thomas Akin

Sending mail without sendmail
Sending mail from Perl in a portable way.
Dan Sugalski

Perl Heresies: No, That's Wrong!
Some common beginner mistakes.
Jeff Pinyan

International Sorting with sort
Grappling with "funny" letters? Bi-level sorting can help.
Sean M. Burke

The Solitaire 500 Results
The fastest card players from last issue's contest.
David Nicol

The Fourth Annual Obfuscated Perl Contest
Confuse us and win a prize.
Felix Gallo

The Perl Journal One Liners