Table of Contents

Volume 3, Number 1 (#9), Spring 1998

Stately Scripting with mod_perl
CGI too slow? Compiled C too slow? Try mod_perl.
Lincoln Stein and Doug MacEachern

A Perl module that imitates a psychiatrist.
John Nolan

Context, prototypes, and subroutine calls.
Nathan Torkington

Perl/Tk: Modeling Mowing Techniques
Painting a canvas.
Steve Lidie

Perl News
What's new in the Perl Community.
Jon Orwant

die()ing on the Web
Four techniques for handling errors in CGI scripts gracefully.
brian d foy

GD and L - systems
Creating GIF - and pictures of trees.
Jason Reed

The Open Database Connectivity module for Windows.
Joe Casadonte

How Regexes Work
Build your own regular expression engine.
Mark-Jason Dominus

The Perl Machine
A new computer hardwired for Perl.
Ray F. Piodasoll

Guts: Basic Anatomy
How perl implements Perl.
Chip Salzenberg

Software Construction with Cons
The trouble with Makefiles.
Bob Sidebotham

The Stones Contest: Results
Slave labor wins the day.
Russell Caton

The Perl Journal One Liners