Table of Contents

Volume 1, Number 2, (#2) Summer 1996

How Perl Saved The Human Genome Project
The building blocks of life...and how Perl helped organize them.
Lincoln Stein

Penguin: Java Done Right
An extension for sending and receiving programs over the Internet. description.
Felix Gallo

The Mouse Odometer X timer events, widgets, menus, and the Color Editor.
Steve Lidie

CGI programming
Saving the state of Web connections with
Lincoln Stein

Casting Perl before Macintoshes
The Macintosh port.
Matthias Neeracher

Understanding Regular Expressions
The story of Fred.
Jeffrey Friedl

The Perl Compiler
Translating Perl to C and bytecode.
Malcolm Beattie

The Obfuscated Perl Contest
print scalar reverse "tsetnoC lreP detacsufbO"
Felix Gallo

Results of the Prisoner's Dilemma
Treachery and cooperation - but mostly treachery.
Jon Orwant