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Old and New


We might need to change the curtain, ƒ/22, 14mm, curtain on flickr

While doing photography, I became slowly interested in the old and abandoned places. I released some of my pictures in a small urbex album on flickr. But my interest for such place is irregular and especially with some peaks. These wanderings into a kind of decrepit world could be in contradiction with my work on the movement, nature and people in the street. I strongly think that is the opposite where these dirty and old places are there to show the evolution of life. There are not still pictures, the picture of the abandoned places is the key to the new or the next step in our lives or environment.

The quote from the photographer, Sally Mann might reflect this:

"Photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the future." -- Sally Mann

Urban exploration is not an adequate term as the main focus is made on the journey into old and lost worlds. And the photography is relegated as an inventory step. I don't feel this as a tourist but more as a method to ensure that we are still alive. My peaks seem to be a kind of fearless interests in decayed world to take picture of an ending world but showing the future. Photography is an act of living.