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GnuPG/OpenPGP Key Signing Party @ FOSDEM ( FOSDEM 2005 )


FOSDEM will hold a meeting for the signing of OpenPGP/GnuPG keys during FOSDEM , on Sunday (place to be defined).

How to take part?

Before the key-signing party?

You must send your public key to the organizer of the key signing party. To extract your public key, use the syntax: "gpg --export --armor" your@email "> yourname.asc" then send the file yourname.asc to the organizer (key-submit@fosdem.org) of the key signing party. (Deadline for submission is 20 February)

If you do not have a public key yet or you have never used GnuPG/OpenPGP, I recommended you read the GnuPG handbook, available in English, German or French . This gives a clear explanation of how to generate a key, which will allow you to take part in the key signing party.

During the key-signing party?

You will receive a paper list of all the participants, printed by the organizer, in the following format:

Name/uid KeyID Fingerprint type/size Fingerprint OK? ID-Check OK?
Alexandre Dulaunoy < adulau@foo.be >
Alexandre Dulaunoy < alexandre.dulaunoy@ael.be >
44E6CBCD 3B12 DCC2 82FA 2931 2F5B 709A 09E2 CD49 44E6 CBCD 1024/D [ ] [ ]

The key signing party has two main phases:

After the key-signing party?

When you return home, you can sign the keys of the people who took part in the key signing party whose fingerprint and identity you have confirmed on your sheet.

Do not sign the key of any person you have not personally identified. This is important for the quality of the "Web of Trust" and especially for the "value" of your key.

Here is an example of how to sign the key with ID (0x44E6CBCD) which you want to sign following the key signing party:


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