Table of Contents

Volume 4, Number 4 (#16), Winter 1999

Microsoft vs. ActiveState, and precedence.

Perl News
What's new in the Perl community.
Chris Nandor

Searching for Rhymes with Perl
"I chanced upon a lovely toad..."
Sean M. Burke

Just Another Perl Haiku
Humanizing error messages with
Damian Conway

Managing Streaming Audio
Serving MP3s with Apache.
Lincoln D. Stein

Hacking the Perl Core
How you can help change Perl. .
Nathan Torkington

CS-Web: A Lightweight Summarizer for HTML
Providing capsule descriptions of web pages.
Tony Rose and Ave Wrigley

Review: Object Oriented Perl
Damian Conway

Recursive Traversal of an FTP Site
Moving data between file trees.
Gerard Lanois

Win32 Module Installation
Using Perl as a make-replacement.
Bill Birthisel

Taking Perl to the Java Virtual Machine
Creating Java class files with Perl.
Brian Jepson

Review: Perl Programmer's Reference and Annotated Archives
Peter Leopold

Dynamic DNS Updates With Perl
Remotely updating Internet machine names.
Jon Drukman

The Second Perl Quiz Show
Jon Orwant

The Perl Poetry Contest
Jon Orwant