Table of Contents

Volume 4, Number 3 (#15), Fall 1999

MIDI::Simple, and a little hate mail.

Perl News
What's new in the Perl community.
Chris Nandor

Just the FAQs: Precedence Problems
There's more to it than what you learned in fourth grade.
Mark-Jason Dominus

Braille Contractions and Regular Expressions
How a 14 kilobyte regex helps the visually challenged.
Sean M. Burke with Sheri Wells-Jensen

Client-Server Applications
Turn your program into a server.
Lincoln D. Stein

Genetic Algorithms with Perl
Evolving algebraic expressions.
Brad Murray and Ken Williams

Review: Perl 5 For Dummies
Mark-Jason Dominus

Threadsafing a Module
Make your unthreaded modules palatable to threaded Perl.
Dan Sugalski

Visual Debugging with ptkdb
Free software that finds bugs in your programs.
Andrew E. Page

Predicting Sports Championships
Why the Denver Broncos will win the Superbowl again.
Jon Orwant and Chris Nandor

Hiding Object Data Using Closures
Concealing attributes from prying programmers.
Nigel Chapman

Turning a Perl Program Into an NT Service
Long-lived Perl programs on Windows NT.
Kevin Meltzer

Operator Overloading in Perl
Use +, x, and other operators on your objects.
Hildo Biersma

A Web Spider...In One Line?
Using HTML::, LWP::, and HTTP:: modules to traverse links.

Review: Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C
Peter Leopold

Prequel to SQL
Using Microsoft Access and DBI with a web application.
Craig McElwee

Version Control with makepatch
A free utility for updating documents.
Johan Vromans

The Obfuscated Perl Contest Victors
for(12,-3,7,4,-3,-8){print chr($=+=$_)}
Felix Gallo

The Perl Journal One Liners