Table of Contents

Volume 4, Number 1 (#13), Spring 1999

Perl News
Chris Nandor
What's new in the Perl community.

Five Quick Hacks: Downloading Web Pages
Jon Orwant and Dan Gruhl
Grabbing web page contents without a browser.

The Perl Scripts Archive
Kurt Starsinic
The CPAN now stores scripts as well as modules.

Web Databases the Genome Project Way
Lincoln D. Stein
A free database system tailored for the web.

Jonathan Eisenzopf
The successor to HTML.

Bricolage: Memoization
Mark-Jason Dominus
Speeding up Perl functions.

Review: The O'Reilly Perl Resource Kit

Localizing Your Perl Programs
Sean M. Burke and Jordan Lachler
Adapting programs for languages other than English.

Building Your Own Perl for Win32
Nathan Patwardhan
How to compile and install your own Perl from the source code.

The rezrov Infocom Game Interpreter
Mike Edmonson
A maximally portable game engine, with a few back doors.

Perl and MIDI: Simple Languages, Easy Music
Sean M. Burke
How a little language for generating music was created.

Perl Heresies: Building Objects Out Of Arrays
Greg Bacon
Most people build objects out of hashes. Here's why you shouldn't.

Controlling Modems with Win32::SerialPort
Bill Birthsiel
Let your programs talk to any serial device.

Contest: The Solitaire 500
David Nicol
Speed matters. How fast can your program play a simple card game?

TPJ One Liners